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My Translations

The following is a list of all the translations of hentai into English I have produced or helped with.

Currently, all of these are viewable on e-hentai.org and the majority of them were uploaded by me. You can view all galleries I have uploaded by following this link.

Guardian Priestess

My flagship translation and the reason I started translating hentai at all, Guardian Priestess (里守の巫女 Satomori no Miko in Japanese) is a series by Japanese artist Gemuo, starring three sisters trained as "guardian priestesses". When they are ordered to take down bandit leader Ketsumedo they find they have bitten off more than they can chew and are used and abused by the whole gang. Each chapter follows a different sister.

Each chapter of Guardian Priestess has 3 versions: "no scat", "scat", and "extra scat". The main difference between the no scat and scat versions is that in some scenes the heroine will shit herself. Extra scat on the other hand features a lot more extreme content and is in my opinion the definitive version of the series. As well as producing pounds of poop (aided by Ketsumedo's magic) in almost every scene, the sisters are subjected to poo being smeared on their bodies and being forced to eat poo. This version has lots of not scat related extreme content too including vomit, prolapse, and ryona. Some of these are reproduced without poo in the omake. To facilitate this content being included some scenes in the extra scat version are completely rewritten in terms of dialogue, though they do use the same base graphics.

Each chapter is also split into story mode and another story. Story mode is the main part of the series, featuring our heroines getting raped by Ketsumedo and his gang. In another story the priestesses have all had their minds broken and enthusiastically participate in their own rape and defilement. It is set a short time after story mode and uses the same base graphics.

Other Gemuo

Gemuo has made a great many pieces, mostly scat based, beyond Guardian Priestess that he has released for free on his Pixiv. I am gradually making my way through them alongside Guardian Priestess.